Virtual graphs dysfunction after importing virtual graph (with bogus name) from `pystardog`

During some development of code to import virtual graphs to Stardog Cloud, I uploaded one with the name "ex. customer-journey-uat-000". It appears this name causes issues with both pystardog (1) and in Stardog Studio (2). Moreover, I am unable to delete this virtual graph in either pystardog and Stardog Studio.

(1) Attempting to list or delete virtual graphs with pystardog

(2) red arrow is the error-causing virtual graph (dubbed "ECVG"), pink is the error that occurs when I reload the virtual graph list, blue is when I try to delete the ECVG, and green is when I attempt to save a different virtual graph altogether.

Any thoughts on a solution?

The solution I'll likely use will be saving virtual graphs and named graphs elsewhere, deleting the databases (and datasources perhaps) on Studio and reload the saved files via HTTP posts.

I haven't tested this but you could try deleting the VG with the original name using the python library. Otherwise, your DB-delete idea seems worth a try.

In the meantime I'll try to reproduce this and make sure we prevent the creation of virtual graphs with invalid names.


I ended up deleting the databases, datasources, models, etc. and reloading via pystardog. That resulted in fixing this issue.