What is the best reasoning type for inferring SWRL?

Hello there!

I have started to work with Stardog recently but I have not completely understood which reasoning type suits my database better.
The Stardog documentation says SL, the default reasoning type, should work for a combination of RDFS , QL , RL , and EL axioms, plus SWRL rules.
However, Stardog does not give me back the inferences from my SWRL rules when using SL reasoning.
So I have been using DL reasoning type to be able to retrieve the inferences from my SWRL rules, but the problem is using DL reasoning takes so much time for Stardog to give back the results.
Additionally, using DL reasoning, after inserting new instances with SPARQL insert query, I cannot retrieve the SWRL inferences that I was able to retrieve before insert query (the reasoner runs and runs and never give back the results without any error, although the database is consistent).

Is there something that I'm missing? How can I reason and infer my SWRL rules with SL reasoner?

I really appreciate any help.
Many thanks in advance.


Thanks for the question. It's really difficult to answer without any further information. In general, DL profile is not required when using rules. However, one if your rules might require inferences only made using DL. Do you have an example rules/ontology and data you could share?

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