All the world's a service

I noticed that a lot of stuff is moving over to using services as the base abstraction, magic properties, bites, etc. It seems like you could also make functions a service and then most things would just be syntactic sugar over a service.

I was wondering if the service implementation for Bites extractors was a part of the Extractor implementation or if we would need to implement the custom Service ourselves.

What functions are you referring to? I assume not existing SPARQL functions.

The BITES extractors which are exposed as services, eg entity linking, return the entities internally. When we expose that code as an RDF extractor, we take the returned entities and create triples from it. When we expose it as a service, we create solutions from it. It's possible to write a generic SERVICE implementation over any BITES extractor, but it would only be able to return s/p/o bindings as the extractor just produces triples.


Ok, I think I get it. The BITES extractor is a more generic service, able to produce rdf of any complexity, but some extractors can be easily implemented as a custom service as well. Do I have that right?

I have just noticed s move to provide more things as services lately. The magic predicates for search and some of the extractors.

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