Named entities from RDF

Hi there.

I want to send RDF file to custom extractor, extract the necessary values from it and send to model to search for the named entities. But problem is that text of file in extractor comes only text without XML tags.
How to get full text of the RDF file in my custom extractor?
Thank. sorry for my language.

Maybe need to use some parameter in the command to send the file?
I use this command
stardog doc put --rdf-extractors MyExtractor myDB_NLP File.xml

Custom extractor extends the class AbstractEntityRDFExtractor.
May need to extends another class?

Try extending TextProvidingRDFExtractor

Did not help. Result is the same.

Sorry I missed that you wanted the raw document contents and not the extracted text. I'm not sure if or how that could be done but it's a good question. Someone else will have to jump in here.

I think you just need to write a custom extractor implementing RDFExtractor and you can access the document from the Path argument to the extract method.

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