Any plan to support RDF*

Was just wondering if there was any plan to support RDF* so we can easily manage properties on ObjectProperties

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It looks like Olaf Hartig put together a github page for rdfstar

I knew about this, and a few other tool which translate from RDF/SPARQL* to RDF/SPARQL. I should of ask any plan to support it natively :slight_smile:

I was just adding that for some extra information. I'm plus-one-ing native support too. Olaf's working on getting it added to the sparql 1.2 spec.

Indeed we are! Development is under way and are shooting for an initial release by the end of the year. We'll keep this thread updated (as well as being in release notes and I suspect a blog post as well).

The initial release will include the core functionality and use cases but not everything outlined in the proposal, so when the time comes we'll be excited to hear feedback about how you use it and what additional functionality would be valuable.

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