Athena connection using stardog cli or python

Hi.. I am trying to figure out how to setup athena connection to Stardog..
I have been able setup using virtual graphs in Stardog Studio..

Can I achieve the same using CLI or python?

Hi Gaurav,
You can definitely create a new virtual graph using CLI or Python. The CLI command is stardog-admin virtual add. The Python API is new_virtual_graph in the admin module. Hope this helps.

Thanks jess. So on UI, we have the option of specifying that we are making a athena connection. How can I specify the same in properties file when trying to create a virtual graph for my athena connection?
I have been able to do that for rdbms where I had to provide a mapping file and configuration of RDBMS.. Do I need to setup the same way or is there any difference?

You only need to specify the JDBC URL to indicate that it's a connection to Athena:

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