Auto-generated Mappings

In the docs it states that If there are no mappings provided to the add commands then the [R2RML direct mapping]( is used..

However when I try this for a postgres mapping I see the following error:

stardog-admin virtual add
Template must reference one or more variables: nested

Any idea what the issue is?

Hi Nolan,

I'm partly guessing here but it sounds like the columns in the table are not retrieved properly and as a result the URI template does not refer to any columns. Is "nested" the name of a table in your database? Can you share the database schema with us privately?



Hey Evren,

I may have it wrong here, but I thought that by excluding the SMS(2) file that the R2RML Direct Mappings would be applied to all tables in the database referenced in the *.properies file. Is that incorrect?

Also, the database has around 30+ tables and are all named with random UUIDs, so no tables named "nested." I can ping you privately with the an example schema.



You are right that direct mappings are applied to all the tables. One of those tables seem to be causing the problem here and I was trying to decipher the error message. If you can share the schema privately we should be able to figure this out and improve the error messages as well.


Just to close this out, the "nested" error was from an additional type in the postgres schema:

create type nested as
  json json,
  extra text

Adding default.mapping.exclude.tables=nested to my .properties file fixed this.

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