Export auto-generated mappings

(Lars) #1


I added a database as a virtual graph and can query fine. I tried to export the mappings to refine them manually (is this the recommended path?) using the command

stardog-admin.bat virtual mappings

This yields an error message

Unsupported join condition

What am I dowing wrong ?


(Jess Balint) #2

Hi Lars,

The generated mappings may include RefObjectMap representing a foreign key relationship. These can currently only be exported using the R2RML format. Try adding the -f r2rml argument to your mappings command.


(Lars) #3

That gives me another message:

Too many triples to pretty print

Any other idea ?


(stephen) #4

If there are too many mappings for the CLI to return them, your only choice at that point is to make an HTTP call to /admin/virtual_graphs/{myVGName}/mappings via cURL, Postman, etc.

(Lars) #5

Yes, that worked. Many thanks.


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