Azure Cluster Support


Stardog supports cluster management with AWS.

Is there any current plan/roadmap to support Azure as well?

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We do not have an automated deployment tool for Azure like we do for AWS, however you can certainly still run the cluster on Azure VMs.


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How hard is it to run Graivton on Azure since Packer and Terraform are Azure compatible?

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The tools definitely work on both clouds, however the configuration that they require (particularly for terraform) is quite different depending on the cloud. Note the differences between:


There are quite a few scripts and other details that could be reused but in general it would require creating new terraform configuration scripts that target azure. Once we have that the graviton logic that surrounds those scripts could be fairly easily leveraged.


Hello, Any update on Azure Cluster Support? It the situation same as Nov'17 when original question was posted? Thanks

The information in the latest reply is still the most up-to-date. Seeing as this is one of our open-source projects (, we always welcome PRs!