Best approach to load a model?


I am trying to setup a mixed git/Studio development where we can work in Studio and copy&paste content in Git, with some scripts to link the two. That works fine with virtual graphs, using pystardog, but I cannot get that approach to work for the model...

I currently do this

model_file = pathlib.Path(base_path, pathlib.Path('model.ttl'))
  with stardog.Connection(self.config['stardog']['database'], **self.config['stardog']['connection']) as conn:
    conn.add(content.File(str(model_file)), graph_uri='')

and that works, the model gets in Stardog. But then Studio doesn't recognize it as a model and we can't edit it there :-/ We still can see it read-only from the default graph but it's only half of what we aim at.

Is there a better way to push the model (and retrieve it later) so that Studio (and Explorer) will see it as a model?


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