Load data from file into a model other than "default"

Hi community,

after creating a new model in my database like this:

I would like to load data into this model (or it's named graph).

But when I then try to upload data, I can only select the default model:

How can I load data into my named model?
Eventually the goal is to have multiple named graphs / models, each with one or more files loaded into them.

Thank you!


Stardog does not support the concept of an empty named graph, so if you "create" the model, it still doesn't exist until you have data in it. You can, however, type any URN into the "Search of create..." box at the top of that dropdown to populate it.

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Hi @stephen

thank you for the hint and the explanation!

In fact I had tried typing some name in the Search or create... field before but didn't realize I had to end with a : - otherwise it just ignores it.

Now I succeeded creating a named graph and adding that to a model.
Thanks for the super fast response!