Bulk loading named graphs

As far as I can tell, named graphs cannot be created when creating a db. I currently created named graphs using stardog add -g. Can this be supported upon db creation, as well, and would result in faster loading?

If you were to use an RDF format that supported named graphs/contexts such as TriG or n-quads, they would be created when loading the files in, even during db create.

Stardog does not really support the notion of an “empty graph,” so there is no need to “create” a graph without populating it with data.

Actually, if you were talking about specifying named graphs when loading multiple files at db create time, we are looking to add support for this in an upcoming release. In the meantime, you can use the SNARL API in Java to workaround this limitation a bit

Thanks @stephen, indeed I was talking about that. Thanks for the workaround, that gist did not show up in my search engine’s results…

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