BIND in ruleset not working properly

I have the following data:

        rdf:type  ifcowl:IfcBuildingStorey .
        ifcowl:name_IfcRoot  inst:IfcLabel_41979 ;

inst:IfcLabel_41979  rdf:type  ifcowl:IfcLabel ;
        express:hasString  "Level 3" .

And this is my rule:

[] a rule:SPARQLRule ;
    rule:content """
            IF {
            ?storey a ifcowl:IfcBuildingStorey ;
                ifcowl:name_IfcRoot/express:hasString ?string .
            ?storey ccs:classCode "E" .
            ?storey ccs:topNode "[S]" .
            ?storey ccs:className "Etage"@da . 

            BIND (substr(?string, strlen(?string)) AS ?levelno) . 
            BIND (CONCAT("E", ".", ?levelno) AS ?storeyID)
            THEN {
            ?storey ccs:singleLevelID ?storeyID .

The objective is to get results that looks like this:

SELECT ?storey ?id 
?storey a ifcowl:IfcBuildingStorey . 
?storey ccs:singleLevelID ?id . 



But when I run this it does not work :confused: I get no results. However I have tried to run a the above in a similar SPARQL query and there I get results. Any suggestions?

Maybe you just missed copy and pasting it but you don’t have anything for ccs:classCode, ccs:topNode or ccs:className in your data.

Of course! Sorry my bad. That is the problem. Thanks Zachary.

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