Can not start stardog and some questions

Im trying to use stardog in the first time but i cant get access to localhost:5820 on version 7.2. I tested on Mac and docker

I want to ask more question about stardog
1./ if i have more than 1B entities, my query performance still good ? (expect <3s)
2./ i used owl created by Protege with some SWRL rules , does my inference work well ?
3./ my app is all about searching on multiple properties per entity and also search on multiple entity. Is there a way to allow to search on this ?
4./ my current database is on elasticsearch and cassandra. Does Stardog have special connector for it to migrate data from es and cassandra to stardog.
Thanks for reading

What exact problem are you having when you say, "I can't get access". Are you able to start Stardog successfully without any errors? Are you trying to access http://localhost:5820 with your browser?

  1. Your performance is going to depend on a number of factors such as the complexity of the queries, what features you're using, full text search, geospatial, reasoning, etc. Given enough resources Stardog should easily be able to handle 1B triples.

  2. Ontologies and rules created in Protoge should be standard OWL and SWRL and should work as expected in Stardog given you choose the correct reasoning profile. I'm not sure what your criteria for "working well" is. Stardog will provide logically consistent results in performant manner.

  3. Can you give an example of what you'd like to do? Stardog supports SPARQL and GraphQL allowing a great deal of flexibility in querying.

  4. Stardog supports both Elasticsearch and Cassandra through virtual graphs that can then be imported.

I'll chime in on the initial problem with Mac and Docker. I've been meaning to chase this down but this prompted me to see if someone already has the answer. When you run Stardog via Docker with docker run -it -v $STARDOG_HOME:/var/opt/stardog stardog/stardog, I see the Stardog logo and it says it's listening. But when you go to localhost:5820 in the browser, you get "localhost refused to connect". My initial thought is that Docker might be doing something special with ports and not exposing 5820?

I start stardog without any error. But when i enter website localhost:5820 404 not found. I tested on 2 diffrent machines Mac and Ubuntu in Docker and also source(Mac). It werid that port 5820 running on my machines. I downloaded Studio and then connected to server but it couldnt connect to server. Any advice to run it successfully ?

@borgendorf is correct. In order to connect port 5820 locally to port 5820 on the container, you need to add -p 5820:5820 to your docker run command.

That said, connecting to localhost:5820 in a browser isn't going to accomplish anything other than proving that the server is listening on that port. Connecting via Stardog Studio or CLI will allow you to do things.

Now we're cooking!
docker run -it -p 5820:5820 -v $STARDOG_HOME:/var/opt/stardog stardog/stardog
does the trick. I'm able to connect with admin/admin in Stardog Studio now. Thanks!
I would highly suggest you add that to the Docker section of the docs.

Thanks! (and thanks again @shockvip1331 for asking that question. Welcome to the community. :wave: )

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