Issue witch SSL and Docker

I manage to run a local stardog container. Now Im training to connect to stardog studio, but I couldn't manage to run the container with ssl connection.
I tried: docker run -it -v /var/opt/stardog/:/var/opt/stardog -p 5820:5820 stardog/stardog --enable-ssl
but i got the message: No information found to initialize either the key manager or trust manager, cannot create SSL context.

Im on Ubuntu via wsl2/windows 11, can anyone help me solve this?

Hi Lucas,

There is some additional configuration to setup SSL that you can find in our documentation: Encryption in Transit | Stardog Documentation Latest

What's happening in your case is you're telling the server to accept both SSL/non-SSL connections at start up time but the Stardog server is not yet configured to accept SSL connections. Try the steps in that documentation I linked above and let us know if that helps.


Hi Noah,

The link you provide apparently uses the no-docker instalation of stardog. I couldnt figure out how to configure the command to run docker with the that I made following the tutorial.

Could you help on this?

Sure, so the Docker setup instructions mention using the following command to start up the Stardog server:

 docker run -it -v ~/stardog-home/:/var/opt/stardog -p 5820:5820 stardog/stardog

In this example, ~/stardog-home/ is a Stardog home directory on the host machine that only contains a Stardog license file. /var/opt/stardog is the location of Stardog home in the Docker image.

Continuing with this example, you would create a file which it seems you already have and place it in ~/stardog-home or wherever you have designated to be your $STARDOG_HOME. The SSL configuration options you set should take effect on a restart of the server.

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