Studio Connection to Remote Stardog Instance

Dear Stardog Community,

My desktop Stardog Studio had no problem connecting to my remote Stardog server instance.

But I have never been able to connect using Stardog.Studio web interface.

Please help, I have a doctoral thesis presentation due where I must show Stardog.



Hi Stéphane,

What version of Stardog are you using? Do you have SSL enabled, and if so have you checked the box in Studio's advanced connection options to allow self-signed certificates? What specific error message are you seeing?

Hi Stephen - I use 7.3.0 with SSL required in my start command. My desktop connects well, but the online version of studio does not. The "advanced connection" tab that we have on the desktop app is not visible in the web interface.

Sorry forgot: my command-line error for the bash client is

PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

I resolved the previous error using these instructions.

Now a new error happens:

Certificate for my-remote-server doesn't match any of the subject alternative names: []


The CN in the SSL certificate that you're using needs to match exactly with the URL of the server to which you're connecting. I'd check your key/truststore and see what the CN on the certificate is and/or change the URL you're using to connect to match it.

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