Issue with SSL Certificate

Hi guys,

When I run

$ stardog-admin.bat --server https://test.local:443 stored add --database test --overwrite -u test -p MyPassword test.rq

I get

PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

After reading, i figured out that I need to register my certificate with keytool. What I have not figure it out is how to get it. I tried

openssl s_client -connect test.local:443

and getting it from chrome, but without success. Any other recommendation?


Have not resolve our problem, but move to a solution using Stardog javascript library since we wanted to extend the functionality.

However to make it work I currently had to put this.


to temporarily resolve this

'request to failed, reason: unable to verify the first certificate',

which is obvious not something we can keep. Anyone got this work. From all research this should fix the issue,

require('https') = require('ssl-root-cas/latest').create();

but it did not.

Does anyone have a how to to make it work with stardog.


It seems like you have something wrong with your trust store or you’re running your own CA and haven’t included your certificate chain. It’s most likely a problem configuring java to use TLS rather than anything specific to Stardog. There are a lot of resources but here is one random one I came across that seems decently written.

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