Can URL be enabled

Hi, I would like to know if a valid url can be enabled from query result in Stardog Studio and allow user click the link to access the valid web page or enable exploring like Stardog Web console?

Hi Vivian,

Unfortunately neither of those is currently supported in Stardog Studio. We are planning to add web-console like exploration to Studio, so it's helpful to hear that you'd find that useful to inform our prioritization! If that functionality existed would you still want to enable the URLs to access the webpage, or would the exploration meet your use case? If you'd still want it, could you share a little more about your use case for accessing the URLs?

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback!


We are exploring ontologies and enterprise knowledge graphs. One of the abilities is to federate external data using external sparql endpoint services. The service result sets will return data with valid URL which can lead to more complete
data. It would be very nice that Studio can enable the link for more exploration of linked data.

Thank you, very helpful color! I will take this feedback back to the team.