Can't start server (cause of linux memory monitor)

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I have a trouble to start stardog server.

This is the log.

INFO  2018-07-13 09:55:48,810 [main] com.complexible.stardog.cli.impl.ServerStart:call(235): Memory options
INFO  2018-07-13 09:55:48,810 [main] com.complexible.stardog.cli.impl.ServerStart:call(236): Memory mode: DEFAULT
INFO  2018-07-13 09:55:48,810 [main] com.complexible.stardog.cli.impl.ServerStart:call(237): Min Heap Size: 2.0G
INFO  2018-07-13 09:55:48,810 [main] com.complexible.stardog.cli.impl.ServerStart:call(238): Max Heap Size: 1.9G
INFO  2018-07-13 09:55:48,810 [main] com.complexible.stardog.cli.impl.ServerStart:call(239): Max Direct Mem: 1.0G
INFO  2018-07-13 09:55:48,811 [main] com.complexible.stardog.cli.impl.ServerStart:call(240): Max Mapped Mem: 115M
INFO  2018-07-13 09:55:48,811 [main] com.complexible.stardog.cli.impl.ServerStart:call(241): System Memory: 16G
INFO  2018-07-13 09:55:51,015 [Stardog-Linux-Memory-Monitor] com.complexible.stardog.api.LinuxMemoryMonitor:run(118): Memory monitor thread shutdown
Waiting for running tasks to complete...done. Executor service has been shut down.
Stardog server 5.3.2 shutdown on Fri Jul 13 09:55:51 KST 2018.

What should I do in this case? ??

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I don’t think the Linux Memory Monitor causes the shutdown. Can you share the exact commands or script you’re using to start Stardog?


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