Categorical variable not showing up as type

I'm working on a boardgame ontology.

My dataset has a variable weight_categorical with 3 possible values (small, medium, large) - see screenshot Screenshot by Lightshot

My ontology has class:Game hasSize class:Size, which I have mapped like this: Screenshot by Lightshot (This works - each Game instance has a size)

However, each individual size instance isn't connected to the type Size - see here Screenshot by Lightshot

Do I really have to create another csv file with
index sizeID sizelabel
1 small small
2 medium medium
3 large large order to make the connection between an instance of a Size and its class Size.

In the ontology, small, medium and large are all recognized as instances of class Size.

Hi Susanne,

Yes, to create class instances of Size, you'll need to map directly from a CSV such as bg_main.csv or a new CSV to the class Size.

I've created a project showing this, (5.8 KB)