Loading CSV files using Stardog Studio

I loaded an ontology into Studio. This ontology includes Datatype Properties.
I have loaded data from CSV files into a database using Studio. The data loaded fine and into the Datatype properties from the loaded ontology. When loading the CSV data, through the wizard, I used an existing Class for the requested class name because I wanted the loaded CSV data to become NamedIndividuals to the existing Class. This did not work. So for example:
My existing class: Study
Studio created a new class called: /Study as the rdf:type for another Class called: No Class and the attached all the NamedIndividuals as the rdf:type for No Class. I have attached an image.

1.) Why weren't the CSV Data linked directly to the existing Study Class?
2.) Why was a new Class created and all the CSV Data linked to an rdf:type intermediary class?


Hi Scott,

We recommend using Stardog Designer for mapping and uploading CSVs. This is a much more full featured path for defining CSV data tied to your model. You can import your ontology you have already loaded into Stardog and then map your CSV to your model including any datatype properties you are interested in. We call datatype properties attributes.

Here's an introduction blog about Designer: Introducing Stardog Designer | Stardog
And the docs: Stardog Designer | Stardog Documentation Latest

To answer your questions on behavior in Studio:
A new IRI was likely created and all data defined as that type due to the IRI defined in the second step of the CSV import not exactly matching the IRI in your ontology. If these IRIs exactly match no new class will be created.

Hope this helps!


Thanks Laura. I found the right IRI to use so I was able to do this through the wizard.