How to add more data to the existing Stardog database though csv file

Hi stardog team,

I want to know how can we add more data through new csv file to the existing database. I have written an example of the issue I am facing. Please help:

I have a stardog database that I have created by importing csv file. Let's say the csv file is:

23 , Ford , James
31 , BMW , Dane
14 , Fiat , Mary

The above csv file create three instances of class car with IRI as Car_id

Now, I want to add more details about those cars with a new csv file in the same database. New csv is:

23 , 4 ,1.5
31 , 2 ,2
14 , 6 ,0.5

I want to add this new data such that the previous 3 nodes with Car_id IRI has now additional details of Car_Capacity and Car_age, without creating again 3 new nodes.

So, finally I want these 3 Car_id IRI to have 4 attributes : Car_Name, Car_owner , Car_Capacity and Car_age.

Can you please help me in solving above problem.


Thought I prefer building my own mapping, I assume that you are using the auto generated map.

Therefore, If I take your csv (and remove space beside comma), and use the following properties

and load you example with the command

stardog-admin virtual import myDB csv1.csv
stardog-admin virtual import myDB csv2.csv

All seems fine

❯ stardog query myDB "select ?p ?o {<>  ?p ?o }
|                   p                   |               o               |
| rdf:type                              | |
|      | "1.5"                         |
| | "4"                           |
|       | "23"                          |
|     | "Ford"                        |
|    | "James"                       |

Can you elaborate more on how you are loading it?

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Hi Serge,
Thanks, this solved my doubt. Previously, I am adding the csv file through Stardog studio. There is no option of attaching properties file in studio. After using command line, it works fine. Thanks once again.

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