Connect PowerBi

Hi, I tried to connect PowerBI with Stardog but no luck.
I did following:
Installed Stardog on Windows
Installed PowerBi on same windows machine
Installed MySQL Drivers as mentioned in the training
Setup properties file with : sql.server.enabled=true
Generated BI mapping for stardog-tutorial-beatles db
Tried to connect from same windows machine using PowerBI. + stardog-tutorial-beatles . User admin password same + stardog-tutorial-beatles . User admin password same

I am getting error "We couldn't authenticate with the credentials provided. Please try again"

I even created a new user and tried but same error. Please help

The port should be 5806. Are you getting the same error message for both ports? Can you try another client application such as MySQL Workbench?

Yes, I can connect using MySQL Workbench with Port 5806 and user Admin. I could also query the tables there. So what could be the problem with PowerBI?

I'm not quite sure what's going on with Power BI. Have you checked the stardog.log for any error messages?

Nothing in stardog.log regarding powerbi connection

Can you show the screenshot of the MySQL connection dialog in Power BI?

Here it is :sa:

Hi Jitesh,

In the screenshot, it looks like you're trying to connect to a Stardog database 'music' but the database you created is named 'stardog-tutorial-beatles' looking at your original post. Could you try changing out the database name in PowerBI or confirm the name of your Stardog database?


Ok seems my logs and screenshot are different, but my error is with both databases