Problem connecting to BI Server via 5806

I have Stardog working fine in Studio on Windows 10 via localhost:5820 but am having trouble with the Power BI connector. On running "stardog-admin server metrics" in the CLI, I see that "dbms.sql.server.enabled" is listed as false, although it is set to true in the file. I have also tried Powershell "test-netconnection" and it succeeds for localhost port 5820 but fails for port 5806. This is the current properties file in my Stardog_Home folder:


Any advice on troubleshooting this? I have tried stopping and starting the Stardog server.

Hi Simon,

In Stardog Studio, is your "BI Mapping" tab greyed out or active like in my example attached?

Thank you for the quick response! The BI link is greyed out for me.

Is there another way (e.g., in the CLI) to check whether my properties file is being read by Stardog? I have it set up in my Stardog home directory, and it’s just the 5 lines copied in my original post. Thanks

Problem is solved - my file did not have the correct file type. It's working now

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Hi Simon! Glad to hear you got it sorted out. Please let us know if you have any more questions. Thank you!