Not able to change default SQL BI Port 5806

I just wanted to confirm if I'm setting this in the right place.
I want to change the default SQL BI port from 5806 to 3306.

sql.server.enabled=true # enables Stardog BI Server
sql.server.port=3306 # changes BI port from default 5806 to MySQL default port 3306. # disable automatic generation of mapping. To be done manually.

It's an instance of Stardog in a Docker container. Forwarding port 5806 works, but not for 3306.


Hi Marcelo,

That looks correct. Have you tried mapping 3306 to 5806 in your docker run command (e.g., docker run -p 5820:5820 -p 3306:5806 ...)?

Hi Stephen, I got this working. There was a "mysterious" space after 3306 :man_facepalming:
Thanks for the quick reply anyway.

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