Connecting to Stardog Cloud programmatically

I used to use Stardog Studio on my localhost, and connect to it using a custom-developed API. My connection string looked like this (with default credentials):

With migration to Stardog Cloud, I am not managing to connect - getting 401 however I try. Also, I am not managing to disable SSO in order to try connecting with a password.
Please advise.
In the meantime, on my localhost I can no longer visualize the bubbles (I read that it moved to Explorer). I get a CONSTRUCT query instead of graphics. Real pity, because I was positioning Knowledge Graphs at my client, and of course this sudden change had to happen during a demo :frowning: Would have appreciated heads-up (and looks like no KG for this client of mine in the meantime).

Hello Andreas,

I apologize for the delay in responding to your question.

After you log in to your Stardog Cloud account at, you can create a connection to your local Stardog server instance.

Click the New Connection button:

Then enter the details for your new connection. For example, I created a connection to a Stardog server running on my local system with the following:

After saving your connection, click on the connection in your list of connections, and you will navigate to a connection details page where you can launch the Studio application.