Sending turtle file to Stardog via Cloud9

Hi guys,

Im currently working in cloud9 and from my cloud9 I run Stardog. I want to use the:

$ stardog-admin db create -n myDatabase file.ttl

But when I run it I get a message: “Unable to connect to server at http://localhost:5820 Connection refused (Connection refused).”

Now I will note that since it is running on my cloud9 the localhost is
So the PORT is 8082 in c9 for Stardog.

So is there anyone who has some experience with doing this in cloud9?

Man pages are super helpful! :dart:

See this old Stardog Google forums post!searchin/stardog/cloud9|sort:relevance/stardog/1HyHKtX0-Mo/qheY4hNNCgAJ

A word of caution though when using Cloud9. The free instance is public and would expose your Stardog license file for anyone to copy and would be a violation of the terms of the community license. The paid tier can be made private and would be fine though.

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