Covid-19 Dataset

When I entered the Stardog Express tool I noticed that it said there was a Covid-19 dataset. I looked at the tutorial but I didn't see how to access that data set. I'm currently doing academic work on a knowledge graph for Covid-19. Currently all our data is from the Indian government but I would be interested in integrating your data as well if that is possible, or if not just to view the data to see how you modeled things

Michael DeBellis

It was a simple mapping from a csv file containing cases and mortality. It was similar to what would be obtained from an auto generated mapping but with nicer names. There's been so much done so quickly in this area that it's hard to keep up. I can imagine there's an opportunity for several papers to be written studying the evolution of communication and data distribution surrounding the corona virus.

Here's just a few resources for you

Thanks, very useful.


BTW, One of those references (CODO) was about the work I'm doing.

Oh ya. Cool. Keep us up to date on what you're up to.

The specific dataset we are using in Stardog Express is coming from NYT GitHub repo (us-counties.csv file). The data model (attached trig file) and the mappings (attached SMS file) are very simple to be accessible for newcomers as you can see. The CSV file can be imported into Stardog using the virtual import command with the provided mappings file. Let us know if you have questions.


covid19nyt-schema.trig (928 Bytes)
covid19nyt.sms (711 Bytes)

Fantastic, thank you very much. We have data from the Indian government (I'm in the US but my colleague is a professor in India) but where as at first we were getting regular updates now there have been political issues that are currently stopping us from getting more data. It will be interesting to see how these data sets will integrate with what we currently have. BTW, here is another source you might find useful:

The only issue is that they have a lot of bureaucratic hoops you have to jump through before you can get the data. One of them is you have to take an online course on data privacy. I understand the need to respect privacy so I think it is reasonable. I just haven't had time to do the course yet with everything else I'm doing. Thanks again for those files.


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