Database properties permission

I am the admin of Stardog DB and I want to give permission to the users of a group so that they can change the properties of the specific database. What is recommended way to do that.
What I did is that I gave user below permissions =
read metadata, read db, execute metadata, execute db, write metadata and write db.
After giving these permission, user can change the properties of the specific DB for which i have him the access.
is this the right way to do that?
Also, I can see db metadata file ( inside data/db_meta folder in cli. What is the use of that file.

Hey Sanjay,

It sounds like you found the right combination of permissions. The security resources are described here and the metadata resource allows changing the configuration of a database.

Regarding the file, it is an internal file which stores low-level index configuration. The primary database metadata is stored in the system database.


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