Error when (re)-creating new Stardog Free account (after delete)


I deleted my free Stardog Cloud account and wanted to create a new one. I have been getting the following message when trying to create a new instance:

"You must wait while your Free instance is cleaned up."

Kindly help. Thanks!

Hello, I have cleaned up your inactive instance, so you should now be able to allocate another Stardog Cloud free instance.

I'm also having this issue the past week - I deleted a free instance and want to spin up a new one. Is there a time span that is typical for inactive instances to be cleaned up? Or a place where a request can be submitted for clean up?

Hi Tom, I have cleaned up your instance so you should be able to allocate a new one.

I got this error message:
" raise exceptions.StardogException(stardog.exceptions.StardogException: [500] 000012: com.complexible.stardog.plan.eval.ExecutionException: IO error: No space left on device: While appending to file: /var/opt/stardog/data/087879.log: No space left on device "

I tried deleting and creating my endpoint. But i'm getting the image error.