How to recover after a "No space left on device" error


After running some tests with a Free Cloud instance, it seems I surpassed the quota of data I can use (I get a "no space left on device error"). I have been trying to drop the database from Studio and, although I was getting the same error during the drop, the databases are apparently gone.

However, i am unable to create any new database, with an error rmessage indicating I still have 3 databases in the instance (even if per Studio I have none)

Question: Is there any way to get this cloud instance operational again? I do not mind about the actual data, but just about being able to resume the test with a new DB

Thank you

Please try again. We fixed a configuration setting, so you should be good to go now.

I'm having a similar problem. When I try to drop a database, I get the following error message:

Database "bsn_test" could not be dropped: 000012: IO error: Error allocating space to file : /var/opt/stardog/data/009060.sstError : No space left on device

Hi Henrik, we looked into you instance and have restarted it. Please have another try.

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