Endpoint not responding, "No space left on device"

We have a weekly automated procedure in place to update our graph in Stardog Cloud. For simplicity's sake, the procedure simply drops the old graph and replaces it with an updated one (the canonical dataset is maintained in a separate SQL database). On the last run, we received the following error:

init_stardog_db: Error dropping existing Stardog database chlod: [500] 000012: No space left on device

I don't think there's any way we could have exceeded our storage limit of 50 million edges (our RDF dataset contains perhaps ~5 million triples). When I attempt to access our database directly through the Stardog Cloud portal, I receive the error "The Stardog Knowlege Graph endpoint is not responding. Please check your endpoint status and URL."

We've been successfully using Stardog Cloud and our weekly update procedure since May, with no issues, and there have been no changes to the URL.

I appreciate any suggestions for resolving this issue.

Rob, your environment should be back in working order. The audit log did not rotate and ended up filling the disk. We took care of that and you have plenty of space.


I checked both via the cloud dashboard and our public access endpoint, and the environment is indeed back online. Thanks so much for looking into this and your help resolving the issue!