Feature proposal: More Operators in Advanced Query Builder

The Stardog advanced query builder is fantastic. It is great to onboard people new to graph teaching the thinking in triples. But also for quick data checks for experts. Cudos here.

Currently, once a data or an annotation property is selected the user may chose "contains", "equal" or "not equal" to support the literal matching.

Is there a possibility to add smaller (<) and greater (>) in the selection process? This may or may not be linked to the properties data type. Obviously for the number types as integer, double, ...

Potential applications in manufacturing:

  • OEE range: Show me all machines (with a set of criteria like plant, name, ...) AND an OEE (overall equipment efficiency) greater 66%.
  • Energy Consumption: Show me all assets consuming more then 30 kWh peak.
  • Delivery Dates: Show me all material delivers which are due up to today. Show me all customer orders up to the next 3 days.
  • Quality: Show me all materials where a measurement value was still in range but below/above the value 123.

The possibility to cover ranges would be highly interesting.

Kind regards

Hi Nico,

Thanks for your post and we are very happy to hear you liked the query builder. We actually support wider range of comparison functions in the query builder but show those options only based on the datatype associated with the selected attribute. I'm attaching some examples below showing how this looks for numeric and date/time attributes.

The datatype ranges can be defined using RDFS or schema.org vocabularies as explained in the docs. Is it possible you don't have range definitions in your model?


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