Feature Request: More meta data as part of result

I love using Stardog Studio, but recently I found myself having to use the CLI quite often because the following meta data is now showed

  • time it took the query to run
  • number of triples inserted/removed

Also it the time showed from the CLI the query time only, or does it include the sending and receiving of the data. I currently assume the latter since it seem always much faster if I redirect the output to file.

Hi Serge,

Thanks for the feedback! A few responses:

  • We currently show the time for the query in a temporary notification dialog and in the History section in the bottom left under Queries. Do you use either of those to see the query time? Regardless, would you expect the query time to be more prominent and/or permanent?

  • The request on triple count makes sense. Since there will be some changes to how we report the number of triples in Stardog 7, we are going to wait until that is fully released to consider adding this to Studio.

  • You are correct, it does include the sending and receiving of data. We have discussed breaking out the time into more discrete components, I will add your +1 to that idea.



1- Popup is very fast, and we often multitask. The history is great and I will definitely will be using it more, however it would be nice to have it like
4 Results (16ms)
3 triple inserted (18ms)

right on the main screen since I often collapse the sidebar for getting more real-estate. However that may just be me.

2 & 3 Thanks