How do I access my local installation?

I installed stardog on my mac. I was able to run stardog-admin server start. I can see the expected response:

Stardog server 8.1.1 started on Tue Nov 29 09:50:13 GMT 2022.

Stardog server is listening on all network interfaces.
HTTP server available at http://localhost:5820.

However, when I go to localhost:5820 I get redirected to
If I go to I can connect to my local database:

Additionally, I would like to use explorer to view my knowledge graph. But I cannot for the life of me find any instructions about how to access explorer. Everything just keeps redirecting to the website ( It's making my head spin.

So my questions are:

  1. Why does localhost redirect to the website?
  2. How do I access explorer (locally) to view my knowledge graph?

Thank you in advance,

Hi Kyle,

Have you created an account with Stardog Cloud ( We recommend accessing all our applications, Studio, Explorer, and Designer (Stardog Applications | Stardog Documentation Latest), through Stardog Cloud.

Once you create an account with Stardog Cloud, you can add your local host connection by clicking New Connection and entering the details to your server.

After adding the connection, you'll be redirected to your connection's page in Stardog Cloud, where each of our applications can be accessed.

Thanks for bearing with us as we transition to Stardog Cloud! I'm sorry that it has caused you confusion. In the new year, we will redirect all access to Studio through to be through Cloud. Here's the community announcement with more details: Studio and Explorer will transition to be accessed exclusively from Stardog Cloud!

I hope this helps!

Hi Laura,

Thank you for clarifying.

I tried this, but I'm not sure what my credentials are. I logged in using google. WHen I put those credentials in I get an error.

But also, when I access via the cloud, is my data exposed?


Hi Laura,

I got it. It's the credentials for my local database. However, that still leaves the question of what happens to my data?

It would be better if I could work completely locally. There will be some projects which I will not be able to use the cloud, where the data is sensitive.


When working with our cloud hosted front end via, all of the communications between the Stardog Applications, Studio/Explorer/Designer, take place from those apps in your browser to your server. No data or queries are routed to Stardog Cloud.

You are effectively downloading the most recent versions of our apps from, and then running them in your browser. You can open up the network viewer in your browser to see the calls that are being made.

Oh I see. Thanks Mike. That helps. It's all a little bit overwhelming :slight_smile: Might take me a minute to wrap my head around the various moving parts.