How to install/initiate Stardog on EC2?

I am trying to install stardog on an EC2 instance. We are using Red Hat 64 bit platform.

What I did,

  1. copy .zip to EC2 and unzip
  2. copy license key to /bin (I use same license key file locally and EC2, is that a problem?)
  3. below is the output. stardog server start doesn’t work.

./stardog-admin server start ./stardog-admin server stop
./stardog-admin: line 98: exec: java: not found

Another question, besides we need to open port 5820, any other things need to be done differently on EC2 and locally?

You need to install Java.

Scale accordingly on EC2 based on your needs.

Since you will be paying for outgoing requests after your monthly complimentary threshold is passed, I would suggest setting up a Custom CloudWatch monitor to not exceed your budget. You may also want to consider a limit on all queries to save resources, or consider adding ELB if spread across zones.

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