How to write a xsd string with a hast-tag included as "#AB"

Hi guys,

It seems that this is not possible since the namespace uri for literal strings is:

@prefix xsd:

And hence when I want to give a literal value starting with a hash-tag as in :

:wall :hascode “#AB

during querying the results I get are without the hash-tag, but this is the part I want to keep.

Any suggestions would appreciated.

Can you provide a minimal data set and a query that demonstrates what you’re seeing?

I have a the following triple:

:wall a ifc:wall .
:wall :hascode “#AB” .

When I make a query like:

SELECT ?wall ?code
?wall a ifc:wall .
?wall :hascode ?code .

I get results:

?wall ?code
:wall AB

It should be:

?wall ?code
:wall #AB

I just tried it on 4.2.1 and it worked as expected. Is this through the CLI or WebConsole? You might want to look at the stardog.log to see if there’s anything unusual in there and double check what data is actually in the database with

$> stardog data export

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