Unable to use swrlb#mod

I am trying to create a query to only return odd (or only even) values. From the stardog documentation this can be achieved using something like

PREFIX swrlb: <https://www.w3.org/2003/11/swrlb#>

select * WHERE 
        ?terminal1 asset:number ?tnum1 .
        FILTER (swrlb:mod(?tnum1)) .

however I keep getting

Which version of Stardog is this? Can you try it without the prefix?

Looks like your prefix should have http instead of https.

Ah in the table https://www.stardog.com/docs/#_sparql_query_functions it does show 'http' however it you click on the copy link for swbrl:mod in the table 16. Table of Custom Stardog Functions, it has 'https'.

I did the latter. Thanks for your help

I'd like to fix this if it is indeed wrong. However, the link looks correct in table 17. Are you copying it directly? Which browser are you using?

You are correct, if I inspect the page it does look like it correct

When you click on it in chrome (at least mine) that url is redirected to https. I then copied the redirected url. To see what I mean click on this


In IE it works fine for me

Ok, that's interesting indeed. I'm not aware of anything we can do in the docs to avoid that.

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