Stardog endpoint and R

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Hi Stardog support,

So far I really like Stardog. Although I’ve had to resort to using Fusiki as I can’t access the local endpoint (http://localhost:5820/relDB#!/query) from R studio.

Here is my R Studio code incase you know of the reason why this isn’t working: The error I get is “XML content does not seem to be XML:”

endpoint <- 'http://localhost:5820/relDB#!/query/' 
query <- 'PREFIX rdf: <> 
PREFIX rdfs: <> 
PREFIX rel: <> 
PREFIX foaf: <> 
?s ?p ?o 
res <- SPARQL(endpoint, query) 



A couple things I would try:

  1. The #! is usually put there by the web console, and is not the proper query endpoint. Try querying http://localhost:5820/relDB/query
  2. If that doesn’t fix the issue, check to see what Accept header that SPARQL library is sending, as perhaps it’s getting back a different encoding than it expects.

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