Odd URLs in results

Hello Everyone,

I am getting very confusing results with Stardog 7.3.0 and I am not sure if it is a bug or user error so I thought I should report it just in case that is a bug. I am doing a query of the form with sameAs on FULL:

prefix rel: <http://purl.org/vocab/relationship/>

select ?s
from <tag:stardog:api:context:all>
<http://example.com/Rawl_B502/genelach_úa_lomthuile.trig#ConCorb> owl:sameAs ?s

This is a cut down version of a query where I am getting many fewer results than I had expected so I started investigating. The results that I am are this:


This is far fewer results than I would have expected but that is not the problem I want to focus on here. The real problem is that this URL http://example.com/LL/dal_corpri_arad.trig#ConCorb-986937fd does not exist in the data set at all. The URL http://example.com/LL/dal_corpri_arad.trig does exist and is a file in my dataset but ConCorb-986937fd does not appear within it. The fragment ConCorb-986937fd does appear in the file genelach_h-úa_lomthuile.trig. Somehow the fragment ConCorb-986937fd got spliced on to http://example.com/LL/dal_corpri_arad.trig (maybe during bulk loading?). I am not sure how this happened and I am still poking around but it is concerning.

Thank you very much for any help or insight that you can provide.

All the best,

Can you include the command you used to bulk load?

Sure, I have a bash script that does most of it for me but the operative part is:

find $IRISH_GEN_HOME -name '*.trig' -print0 | xargs -0 $STARDOG_HOME/bin/stardog data add $IRISH_GEN_DB_NAME $IRISH_GEN_HOME/earlyIrishRelationship.ttl $IRISH_GEN_HOME/earlyIrishTitles.ttl $IRISH_GEN_HOME/oldIrishOntology.ttl 

You can ignore this. It was user error.