Stardog Loading Issues


With the advice I received previously I was able to load a basic file; I'm now trying to load something substantially more complex into Stardog. But we're running into at least two problems, and I could use some help understanding if this is due to Stardog's validation or something else.

Something about </p> <- this character is causing the failure, causing 'unexpected literal' output.

<example:s2clCommentRichText>"<p>I didn&#39;t find the information for this subject. on attachments tab there&#39;s a link for text document but can&#39;t be downloaded.</p> <p>I&#39;m interested in this material, so if you can correct link, would be great :)</p>"^^</example:s2clCommentRichText>

When I remove that, later on, I get another error, this one relating to formatting.
org.xml.sax.SAXParseException; systemId:; lineNumber: 2810; columnNumber: 42; Attribute name "style-" associated with an element type "span" must be followed by the ' = ' character. [L2810:42]
Loaded 0 triples to db from 1 file(s) in 00:00:07.724 @ 0.0K triples/sec.
Successfully created database 'db'.

See below:

<example:adv5ReUseInstructions>"<span style-&quot;color: #333333;&quot;>To reuse this Capability, copy all data below into the appropriate columns in a row on the Cap. & Req. Library Page</span><br/><br/><span style-&quot;color: #c0c0c0; background-color: #333333;&quot;>ID, Capability Title, Description (Req. Statement), Description (Req. Statement), Subtype, OOTB/Config/Custom, Software, Category (e.g. module, application...), Function Title, Function Description, Availability, Alternative if not available, Priority if not available, Difficulty of execution currently, Doc. URL or Other database xref, ReUse Me ID</span><br/><span style-&quot;color: #333333;&quot;>10591, Example Text Here </span>"^^</example:adv5ReUseInstructions>

Any help or guidance on where to go from here to get around these issues would be appreciated.

Thank you,

It's a little difficult to tell. You're having a parsing problem. What you sent isn't valid turtle...or rdf/xml. It looks like it's some sort of combination of both.

Alright, I'll do what I can to get it into a valid format... thank you for the assistance.

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