Import CSV button not shown

I am using stardog cloud. I want to upload csv file without using stardog designer simply using the studio. But as shown in the screenshot I cannot see the button which enables me to upload csv file. But while going through the documentation stardog studio now have this feature to upload csv file. Whats wrong with my stardog studio? or may i know if free version doesnot have this feature?

Hi Sagar,

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We removed the option to upload CSVs from Studio in favor of the workflow provided in Designer as of June 2022, Stardog Studio Release Notes | Stardog Documentation Latest. I would love to know if there is a reason why you prefer not to use Designer?

We do have previous versions of docs available that can sometimes come across as the most current version. The latest version of docs can be accessed from: Previous versions of the docs will follow a format like the following: Home | Stardog Documentation 9.0.1.

If you are finding CSV import options referenced for Studio in the most current version of our docs, would you please share so we can clarify this for future users?

Thank you,

Thank you Laura for the clarification. I love to use designer but it let me upload only 2 MB file so I thought of using studio instead of designer

Hi Sagar,

I am sorry for the confusion. Designer can be used to map files over 2MB. Designer will keep a preview of your data to work with, and then when you go to publish your project you'll need to re-upload the same file.