Import CSV Error


When I try to import a CSV file using the Studio wizard, I am seeing the error: "An error occurred while trying to read file design_outcomes.csv (Error ParseError: Data not recognized as CSV data)". Is there more detail to this message? The CSV file I am trying to import is absolutely CSV data. Verified this in text editor, Excel, and using the python pandas library.



Did you try importing the file through Designer? As Laura mentioned on the other thread, that is the correct way to get CSV files into the Stardog Platform.



tried this in Designer. I was able to add the csv file to the Project. However, I saw a warning message that Designer can only process files under 10MB. If that is true that will be an an issue for me since most of my csv files are larger than 10MB. Regardless, I created a mapping from the file to a class. When I go to publish to the server, I see the below error message. What original file is the error message referring to? I am mapping the fields from the csv file correctly.


One thing I should add is that I am able to import other CSV files using the wizard. I am unable to load two of them and seeing different error messages for each one.

Hi Scott,

Designer cannot store files over 10MB so files exceeding that size must be re-uploaded when publishing to Stardog.

When uploading the file to publish your model and mapping to Stardog you must select the same file that was used to create the mapping. The message shown in your image suggests that you uploaded a different file that did not have the same headers as the original file.


So how do I "re-upload" a file larger than 10MB?

What would the "original file" be?


The original file is the file you uploaded when creating a new project resource. The re-uploaded file needs to have the exact same headers to be valid. When selecting a file to re-upload, you likely want to select the same original file you used to create the project resource.

If you have multiple large files in a Designer project you are publishing, you'll also want to make sure the file you are re-uploading matches the selected resource in the Designer publish drawer (shown below, selection indicated by blue highlighting).

I have done this and the image from my last post still occurs. So I am starting to think there are bugs in the Studio import wizard and Designer tool. Would I be better off just using the pystardog library? I am a python programmer. My goal is to have all CSV data (which I am trying to import) translated to RDF and combined with my existing RDF ontology (which I have already loaded into my Stardog DB) in order to build a knowledge graph.

This is of course providing there is a way from pystardog to do a CSV import?