Import Knowledge Graph in Designer


I'm trying to import a knowledge graph into desginer (.orm or .owl) but it is not working. What kind of files are being supported?


Hi Jonas,

Designer was built as a tool to help users create and modify existing models and map data to those models. The file upload supports uploading CSV files for mapping in Designer.

Designer project resource definition for mapping tabular data such as CSVs to RDF

If you already have an ontology in an .orm file you can create a model in the Models Hub of Studio (3rd icon) and paste your file contents into the text editor workspace. Alternatively, you can load RDF data into Stardog directly by going to the Database Hub of Studio (6th icon) and loading data. For .owl files, the file format of rdf/xml will be automatically selected.

Models Hub in Studio for pasting an ontology

Database Hub in Studio for uploading RDF


I indeed have already the owl file; but when trying to follow your steps; i cannot visualize the graph.
Are there other steps to be taken. I do see what you are showing in the screenshots...

There are two ways to visualize a model in Stardog. If you also want to map or extend your model, you can use Designer. If you are visualizing your model or want to search for data defined by your model, we would recommend using Explorer.

Designer Model Visualization

You can import an existing model defined in Stardog into Designer by clicking the plus icon next to the Models header on the left panel and then selecting the server, database, and model you would like to import.

Explorer Model Visualization

Once on the Explorer home screen, select the Visualize button and you will see the full data model for your knowledge graph. All of the concepts and how they’re related will be presented, and from any concept, you can start exploring.