Studio & Designer Sync for Ontology design

Hi, I updated the ontology on the studio, e.g. added SKOS:altLabel for some classes, but it doesn’t reflect on Designer. And when I tried to modify the ontology on designer and publish it, the modifications on studio are disappeared. It seems designer and studio don’t sync?

Hi Gloria.

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Designer uses a select portion of owl and rdfs to define the data model. We outline the exact portions here, Stardog Designer | Stardog Documentation Latest.

Only the model definitions Designer supports will be kept when importing a model into Designer. When replacing an existing model when publishing from Designer, we'll overwrite the existing model, if you don't want Designer to overwrite an existing model, you'll need to select Create new model in the publishing model configuration step.



Thanks for quick reply. I don't want to create a new model. I want to update the same model from Designer and Studio. Because on Designer, it seems we cannot add skos:altLabel. Is there a way to merge to existing model, rather than replacing?

Designer nor Studio supports merging multiple data models into a single data model.

One path would be to publish (to a new model) or export the Designer model and then merge the models by hand to your Studio edited model.

Another path would be to create a graph alias (Query Stardog | Stardog Documentation Latest) that combines a base model (limited to Designer supported concepts) and an extended model where you defined the portions of your that are not supported in Designer. This way, you could continue editing and publishing from Designer and only add your manual edits to the extended model.

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Thanks! Will try these solutions.