Is it possible to disable ICV from Java?


I’m trying to disable ICV from Java, so that I can temporarily run some tests faster.

This is what I’m trying:

    try (AdminConnection connect = stardogService.getStardogDatabase().getAdminConnectionConfiguration().connect()) {

            connect.set(applicationSettings.getStardogDatabase(), ICVOptions.ICV_ENABLED, false);

But it’s throwing an exception saying that the ICV_ENABLED isn’t a possible option. I’ve done a bit of digging and found a hashmap that contains all the legal options, but ICV_ENABLED is not there.

From the web gui it’s possible to disable ICV when the database is offline.

Thanks for any help with this.



I am able to reproduce your problem, and while I thought it would be easy to figure out the right way to do it, I’m beginning to wonder if this is something that’s slipped through the cracks. I’ll open up an internal issue for this and hopefully get it fixed in an upcoming release. Thanks for the report!

Thanks Stephen.

Btw. In 5.0 Beta ICVOptions.ICV_ENABLED seems to have been moved from the Snarl Client module into the Server module for the maven dependencies. I thought it would be better if it moved to the Http Client module.

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