Is the Stardog Helm Chart ready for deployment?

Found this project on Github the other day:

Is this ready for deployment? I noticed this is still on the "develop" branch with recent commits, but has not been merged into master since 2 months ago. Would be great to deploy this as a Kubernetes pod, if so.


looks interesting. I was able to deploy the yaml files without trouble so did not look further for a helm chart.

Why don't you just give it a try ?


I can deploy it locally as well, but I'm not noticing much documentation besides this. Would be concerned about deploying this into production if is not ready for it.

Another question: Do you know how I can access Stardog after deployment?

Ah, I see.

The service part of the chart specifies type load balancer. If you use a public cloud environment, it will probably expose stardog via a public IP adress. If you run on premise without a load balancer, you could use node port or cluster ip with port-forward or some ingress controller (e.g. nginx) instead.


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