Stardog Helm Chart is now Open Source and on Helm Hub

Stardog Helm Chart is now open source and on Helm Hub

We are happy to announce that the Stardog Helm chart is now open source [1] and on Helm Hub [2]!
The Helm chart makes it easy to deploy Stardog Cluster on Kubernetes (k8s). Once deployed and running you'll have a fully-functional Stardog Cluster with a load balancer, Stardog home on persistent volumes, and a ZooKeeper ensemble. ZooKeeper is deployed from the incubated ZooKeeper Helm chart [3]. You can use the chart to deploy Stardog in an on-prem k8s or in your favorite cloud, including GKE, EKS, or AKS. Complete instructions for the chart can be found in the README [4].

The chart does have some limitations, in particular, it follows the latest version of Stardog and isn't guaranteed to work with any version of Stardog. Stardog Cluster does not support rolling upgrades so you'll still need to follow our documentation to upgrade the cluster [5] in k8s.

As of Stardog 7.3.0, we've deprecated the Helm charts bundled in the zip and will remove them in a future release. If you encounter any problems or have requests, please feel free to create issues on the GitHub repo or discuss them here on the community forum. We'll do our best to respond to you and address any feedback.

Lastly, help us improve the chart going forward. Now accepting pull requests!