Kubernetes: Unable to write to /var/opt/stardog


I’m new to Kubernetes, so this may be a silly question.

I’m trying to deploy the Stardog image to cluster on Google Kubernetes Engine. I’ve tried following the instructions:

  1. Helm charts: https://docs.stardog.com/cluster/installation-and-setup/kubernetes
  2. .yaml file: https://www.stardog.com/blog/stardog-on-kubernetes/

The zookeeper pods deploy ok, but the Stardog pods immediately crash when I try either method.

Inspecting the logs, I receive the following error when deploying via Helm charts: STARDOG_HOME '/var/opt/stardog/' is not writeable by the current user

I’ve seen a similar post with the same issue ( https://community.stardog.com/t/failed-to-upgrade-docker/2844 ) but I’m confused on what I need to do. When I add “—user root” to the command “helm install <some_name> stardog/stardog” I receive an error.

Any help is appreciated

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