STARDOG_HOME '/var/opt/stardog/' is not writeable error for latest image

I am trying to use stardog in ubuntu machine. I pulled the latest image but it keeps giving me this error:
STARDOG_HOME '/var/opt/stardog/' is not writeable by the current user

I found one similar discussion on the forum about it but couldn't solve it following the instruction, still getting the same error. What is the best solution for it?

Don't know the other instruction, but this seems to me a problem of user mapping. You have to set user and group (uid and gid) when you run your container, to a uid and gid that has r/w-rights on your host volume (i.e. where you mapped /var/opt/stardog/

You can do this with

Hope this helps

This error means that the user that is starting Stardog does not have sufficient permissions to write to that directory. You can give them permission to do so via commands such as chown and chmod depending on how you administer your system.


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Thanks, it did work with the --user option.